Relics Vol.1 – Various Artists [DARCWAX001]


Relics Vol.1 – Various Artists [DARCWAX001]

Darcoform is proudly presenting our first V.A. vinyl project.

Relics Vol.1 marks the beginning of a new chapter in our dark and deep journey.

As an opening act, developing close to our concept, we are honoured to bring you a compilation of four artists, rich in dark written compositional history. Wizards of the shadows casting dark musical journeys for the public, teaming up to enhance the deepness of the craft in a specific profound vibe for a special cause.

On A side we have Herck, casting a jazzy deep groove about Lady Lydia and RQZ, with a high-octane minimal vibe for hooking up the minds of the listeners on the dance floor.

On B side we have Cim Pian, morphing the semiotics of minimal poetry and Escu & Salishteanul philosophizing the fundamentals of rhythmics.

Graphic artist: Cimpian Mark Alexandru
Mastering Engineer: Robin Virag from RV Audio

Get your copy here.

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