Ricardo Villalobos, Franco Cinelli, Tomas Station + local talents in Bogota City

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Ricardo Villalobos, Franco Cinelli, Tomas Station + local talents in Bogota City

An Electrifying Night of Music: Ricardo Villalobos, Franco Cinelli, Memek, Charlie Florez, and More Unite on Stage in Bogotá

Prepare to be immersed in an unforgettable night of musical innovation and energy in Bogotá! On November 24th, 2023, the stage will be graced by a lineup of globally acclaimed artists, coming together to reshape the electronic music landscape. Headlining the event is the pioneer of minimalist music, Ricardo Villalobos, alongside dynamic talents such as Franco Cinelli, Memek, and Charlie Florez. But the excitement doesn’t stop there, as the lineup is further enriched by the presence of Gabriel Forero and Cata.

Ricardo Villalobos: Redefining Soundscapes Hailing from Santiago, Chile, Ricardo Villalobos is an icon in the electronic music world. With a career spanning decades, he has redefined genres like minimal techno and microhouse. His sets promise to be a journey through sound and space, showcasing his mastery of sonic landscapes and capturing the essence of innovation.

Tomas Station: Bridging Two Musical Worlds Tomas Station, a DJ and producer hailing from Bogotá and based in Brooklyn, brings a unique blend of musical influences to the event. Co-founder of “Can you Jigit?” and resident DJ for ReSolute NYC, his sets promise an irresistible energy that moves crowds across the Atlantic.

Franco Cinelli: A Force from Argentina Argentinian-born Franco Cinelli has made waves on the global techno scene. His tracks, influenced by the sounds of Detroit, reflect his commitment to pushing musical boundaries. Cinelli’s sets are a harmonious fusion of styles, demonstrating his meticulous mixing skills and dynamic energy.

Memek and Charlie Florez: Local Talents, Global Impact Colombian artist Memek brings his powerful house rhythms and innovative twists to the stage, while Bogotá native Charlie Florez presents a versatile style that blends various electronic genres seamlessly. Their presence underscores the depth of talent within Colombia’s music scene.

Gabriel Forero and Cata: Bolstering the Lineup Adding to the excitement, Gabriel Forero and Cata will be joining this exceptional lineup. Gabriel Forero, a producer and DJ known for his expertise in Minimal, House & Tech House, promises to deliver an immersive sonic experience. Cata’s presence further enriches the event, contributing to the vibrant musical tapestry that will unfold on stage.

An Unforgettable Night of Innovation and Rhythm This event is set to be a celebration of innovation, rhythm, and unity through music. From the enchanting beats of Ricardo Villalobos to the intricate sounds of Franco Cinelli, Memek, Charlie Florez, Gabriel Forero, and Cata, each artist will contribute their unique essence to create a night of electrifying music.

Tickets: https://www.eticketablanca.com/evento/ricardo-villalobos-franco-cinelli/

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