Lauter – AI/ML EP

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Lauter - AI/ML EP

Lauter – AI/ML EP

Glasgow-based Jacque Saravanté aka Lauter or Jshacou is a rising talent in the underground scene. With releases on labels like Re.Face Records, Deep Tech Records, Bosom, Johnny Johnny, Nite Moves, Oblique, Accueil and DTD Records, it’s easy to see how he’s making a name for himself within the electronic music community.

When he isn’t in the studio working on his own productions, Jacque holds down two residencies with Glasgow-based label Johnny Johnny and SKapade, making regular appearances on their weekly live streams, viewed across the globe. You can usually catch him behind the decks somewhere playing a fusion of twisted house and minimal delights, supporting acts such as Elliot Adamson, Luigi Madonna and Lee Webster, among others.

“AI is becoming more and more involved in our daily lives. Some people think it’s going to take over the world, others think it’s just a fad that will probably go away after everyone is bored with it. The reality is probably somewhere in the middle. AI and ML don’t always have to be used to automate or replicate a task to remove the need for human involvement. It’s more likely that it will be used in synchronicity. A bit like the artwork for this EP which is AI-generated. After I input my desired outcome I edited it and made it into something else, a hybrid of human interaction and computational output. Anyways, this next EP from myself is inspired by the creative ways in which we can use this new technology to our advantage/detriment.”


“Merciful Lady” opens the EP with a breezy summer groove infused with deep house and microhouse elements to which warm and vivid chords are added along with echoing vocals that call for a dance. The track twists and swirls as the main lead increases in strength to the point where beautiful breakdowns come into focus.

The journey goes on with “Amicable Intentions”, an equally uplifting cut designed with shuffling drumming patterns, intricate background textures, meandering pads and mysterious messages placed here and there that will make you start daydreaming in seconds. A highly recommended digital delight right here!

Grab your copy of AI/ML EP from Bandcamp.

Artists: Lauter
Title: AI/ML EP
Release date: 07.07.2023
Format: Digital

Words by AndreiB

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