Apprentis – Concern [Sublease Music]

Apprentis: "Concern" - out now on Steve Bug's Sublease Music

Apprentis: “Concern” – out now on Steve Bug’s Sublease Music

Apprentis is a mysterious dutch DJ and producer with a knack for slinky, affecting electronic music that straggles the deeper end of house and elements of techno.

This three track release on Sublease show-cases a range of skills and moods.

Concern, the title track, features a beautiful arpeggiated synth line that builds the vibe before a chugging, balearic groove sets in for the duration.

Noseblunt is more urgent – referencing a harder techno sound while merging with a swung groove and a nice vocal sample.

Last up is Kill People, a stripped down last night heater that hones in on a groove and keeps it locked for the dance floor.

01. Concern
02. Noseblunt
03. Kill People

Out now on Sublease Music – get it here!

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