Rockin Moroccin & Davide Ruberto – ‘Sendeya’ [Get Physical Music]

Rockin Moroccin & Davide Ruberto - ‘Sendeya’ [Get Physical Music]

Rockin Moroccin & Davide Ruberto Releases ‘Sendeya’on Get Physical Music

May will see the release of ‘Sendeya’ from the chart topping duo Rockin Moroccin and Davide Rubert. Reconnecting for the new single ‘Sendeya’ the pair have created another timeless track, steeped in cultural character. The song was recorded with singers from the Gnawa tribe in southern Morocco and is set to become a form favourite this Summer.

Following on from his previous hit song on Get Physical Music ‘You Got The Love’ London-born and raised Rockin Moroccin has been immersed in music for over 15 years. From a love of 80’s electro, he started playing at house parties whilst working at a drum and bass record store and now plays everything from new disco, to tribal and percussive house at places including the iconic Amnesia Terrace, Blue Marlin Ibiza, Burning Man and Abracadabra events in the UK and Miami. On a trip to Morocco he met up with Davide Ruberto to record this new single.

Rimini born Davide Ruberto is a producer, live performer, music composer and pianist who started out making classical music before moving into electronic sounds. He has a relentless passion and global reputation and has produced and remixed stars like Cher, James Brown and recorded for the likes of Columbia, Reprise and Sony.

The Gnawa tribe originated in West Africa and migrated to Morocco. They have a rich musical tradition, which blends African, Arab, and Berber elements. Sendeya is an important concept in Gnawa culture that represents “the intersection of spiritual beliefs, musical traditions, and community identity.” The Sendeya mantra is often played during spiritual ceremonies and rituals, and is believed to have healing and transformative powers.

Rockin Moroccin comments

“For Sendeya I really wanted to create a Moroccan Afro house track but with a twist. Traditionally the main musical elements in Moroccan music are percussion and strings, but Davide and I wanted to try something different. We wanted to see if making the piano the main instrument in this track alongside traditional Moroccan tribal vocals could work… and it did to great effect. It’s a pleasure to be back on Get Physical and continue to evolve our vision together.

The gorgeous ‘Sendeya‘ is steeped in lush piano chords with smooth and seductive rolling deep house beats. The spine tinging vocals from the Gnawa tribe bring inescapable emotion as the synths swell around and heighten the uplifting experience. Add in organic percussion and you have a most righteous and timeless tune.

This enigmatic and deeply mystical new track brings a unique spiritual house spell directly to the dance floor, whilst continuing to forge the collective of Rockin Moroccin and Davide Ruberto straight to the forefront of the international scene. Finding a home on the iconic Get Physical imprint ‘Sendeya’ is already positioned to rise as a club song with global appeal.

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Artist: Rockin Moroccin, Davide Ruberto

Title: Sendeya

Label: Get Physical Music

Tracklist: 01 Rockin Moroccin, Davide Ruberto – Sendeya

Release Date: 5th May 2023, Worldwide

Cat No: GPM708

Format: Digital

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