Rockin Moroccin & Davide Ruberto – Bayati Shiraz [VillaHangar]

Rockin Moroccin & Davide Ruberto - Bayati Shiraz [VillaHangar]

Villahangar welcomes English artist of Moroccan origin Rockin Moroccin to the imprint with “Bayati Shiraz” in collaboration with revered Italian producer and composer Davide Ruberto. The track posed a new musical challenge for the chart topping artist, with a decidedly melodic and tribal trademark style and visceral passion for percussive rhythms. Following on from his recent success on with ‘You’ve Got The Love’ this single further highlights his diverse talent.

Bayati is inextricably linked to Azerbaijan, home of the project and source of inspiration incorporating its influential organic, solemn and mysterious atmosphere instantly transporting you through a multisensory journey to the capital Baku. This is an exciting sonic adventure that testifies to a new persona for the artists.

Rockin Moroccin comments “Bayati Shiraz being an actual folklore song is very dear to the people of Azerbaijan and means a lot to them as a country in whole. So it was very important to me to do the original song justice and not butcher it while at the same time making it relevant in today’s electronic music scene and also something DJ’s can get behind  and people are able to dance to. Also the opportunity to record live out in Azerbaijan was amazing and to work with local musicians was a great experience i’ll never forget.”

Furthering his experiential forays into electronic music merged with live instrumentation and cultural roots. The song unites local musicians from the region showcasing their popular traditions and providing a vision into their magical and fascinating world steeped in a thousand-year old history that feeds into the present.

Highly creative with an authentic vibe that truly lifts the Rockin Moroccin to new heights Bayati Shiraz redefines organic house with its merge of sonic curation meets collaboration to provide a song that will circulate for years to come. Once again the talent shines through and highlights why Rockin Moroccin remains a solid name to watch as the scene evolves.

Rockin Moroccin & Davide Ruberto ‘Bayati Shiraz’

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