Modvlar 045: Herodot & Prichindel at DKR Milan

Modvlar 045: Herodot & Prichindel at DKR Milan

Living spaces through music.
That’s the way we want to imagine our Design Week Party.

11 hours of music, with two cherished artists from the Sunrise instalment:

Herodot Dj, producer, label owner, sound engineer and one of Bucharest’s underground most talented secret weapons. He started mixing many years ago while still a teenager and since then he has become one of the respected Romanian DJs among both artists and the audience.

Prichindel is a name that will constantly turn your head, due to his unique and groovy style, which helped him deliver consistent performances that were appreciated by every crowd he made dance.

Our resident djs, including Hashplant record’s duo Enivrez Vous, the highly seeked for live performance of Nobodi, and the storytelling of RSR and Ninilita.

The soundsystem shapes the whole experience, redefining the environment and designing a night that flows into another, different, day. We certainly could not but improve the experience of 11 hours of music with an exceptional sound system, ours Funktion One will accompany us on this mystical journey.

For this special occasion, the party will be hosted by DKRMilano, someone says it’s the best hi-tech warehouse in Milan!

ticket early bird 15 eur
ticket final release 20 eur

Door ticket 25 eur till 6:00am / 15 eur from 6:00am


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