feeder sound 394 mixed by Alecs Roșu

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feeder sound 394 mixed by Alecs Rosu

For this episode of our ongoing podcast series, we switch our attention to the local underground scene and invite Alecs Roșu to deliver a taste of his productions mixed with some unreleased tracks.

Alex is a DJ and producer who’s been directly involved in the evolution of Romanian underground music and culture since 2016, pushing boundaries and exploring new sounds with every set and release. A few years ago he left his hometown of Galați for Sibiu where through the ZumZet project he merges his artistic side with his strong passion for electronic music, evolving into the artist known as Alecs Roșu.

Influenced by the sound of artists like Barac, Lizz and Suciu, his style is a reflection of his diverse musical taste, incorporating various shades of minimal techno, microhouse and beyond. He loves to spend hours in the studio as much as being behind the decks, always delivering hypnotic sonic journeys to the people. While some of his productions have been published by labels like Essential of Minimal and Orpheus Records many remain unreleased and are always a delight to listen and dance to when they surface, just as it is on this occasion.

“I was introduced to music in 9th grade when I met my high school classmate and we both started a rap band. That’s when I felt that I went beyond the level of a certain listener and that I can bring input to the music myself. After high school our tastes in music changed, going in different directions, with mine settling for electronic music. Soon after I started mixing, drawn by the energy and the stories that can be created in those moments. I’m very attracted to minimal, microhouse and the local rominimal style with darker shades. That’s how I decided to go through this mix as well, starting with a rumminimal note, moving towards microhouse while adding some breakbeat elements here and there.”

Alecs Roșu

feeder sound 394 mixed by Alecs Roșu reveals a hypnotic carousel of pulsating, stripped-down rhythms and weaving background textures, smoothly complemented with subtle clicks, pops, glitches and immersive breakdowns that add an experimental edge to the whole 2h journey. Showcasing many of his own productions, Alex makes sure the set flow seamlessly into a spiralling and immersive experience, perfect to warm you up for the upcoming weekend so adjust your speakers and enjoy with the volume up.

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