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This Friday we take a walk on “Groove Avenue” alongside Roya Brehl at the controls delivering a steaming and immersive selection into the depths of underground electronic music.

Roya Brehl is a Leeds-based DJ and producer, playing a plethora of deep electronic sounds. As a co-founder and resident at the Schwein parties, Roya played regularly at Wire and other respected venues across the city, appearing on lineups with DJs such as Cottam, Kerouac, Harry McCanna and Perseus Traxx. Along with three previous Schwein residents, she is now part of The Off Licence, who have invited a diverse range of respected artists to the city, with CMYK at the launch event and subsequent parties showcasing a broad spectrum of music, from a Bruno Di Paolo live set to a DJ set from Bill Brewster. She also participated in the Internal Connections Livestream event hosted by Leftback during the 2020 lockdowns as part of the UK crew.

Recently, she joined the lineup for Structure, a new night with its launch in Leeds on September 17th, co-run by a team including former Sankey’s residents Scott Steadman and Scott Featherstone. Roya has also been part of a release on Hummingbird by BPZ, with a remix on the Black Tar Sands Remix compilation.

Outside of Leeds, Roya Brehl has been a guest at various venues and festivals across the UK, with frequent gigs over the past year supporting Paisley Dark founder John Paynter and Subterranea’s Rory Flynn. Nowadays, you can catch her playing on NARR radio at regular intervals, usually on the second Sunday of each month. She’s also part of the team behind The Imaginarium, a new creative arts venue in Leeds and the founder of the Hideous Things mix series.

“For this mix, I’ve selected some deep and stripped-back grooves, with a mix of old and new sounds. The tracks include Al Bradley’s Druzbha, which is available on a limited edition press as part of the ongoing effort within the Leeds music scene to raise money for humanitarian and medical aid for those affected by the war in Ukraine. I’ve also played tracks by former Leeds residents Mazewski and Midge Thompson, and a remix on the prolific Hummingbird by BPZ label. These are woven together with some current favourites from my record bag by artists such as Thomas Melchior and Derek Carr. I hope this soundscape takes the listener on a journey, from the eclectic to the dancefloor and beyond.”

Roya Brehl

feeder sound 371 mixed by Roya Brehl reveals an intriguing and immersive selection, carefully mixed in order to construct a hypnotic and engaging sonic journey. From classic gems to fresh cuts, the organic flow of sounds explores minimal, techno, breaks and IDM, bringing forward a steaming combination, perfect to warm you up for the upcoming weekend. Adjust the volume of your speakers and enjoy!


01. Smagghe & Cross – Lincolnshire Poacher (Offen Music)
02. Al Bradley – Druzbha (3AM Recordings)
03. Derek Carr – PLX Alpha Base (Ferox)
04. Future Legend – Tickling Whispers – Doubting Thomas Remix (Hummingbird by BPZ)
05. Midge Thompson – Delta 9 (Butter Side Up)
06. Larry De Kat – Starry Nite Life (Banoffee Pies)
07. Frisk – Just Don’t (Mint Condition)
08. Traumer – Baud (Berg Audio)
09. Mazewski – Sen Muchy (Brutaż)
10. Thomas Melchior & Luciano – Father (Cadenaza)
11. A Sagittariun – Apokalypsis (Elastic Dreams)
12. Vladimir Gnatenko – Lomerigheid (Rhythm Büro Records)

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Words by AndreiB

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