Hatari – Harari LP [33 sound system]

Hatari - Harari LP [33 sound system]

Hatari – Harari Long Play released by 33 sound system

Hatari is a multi-faceted artist living and working in Switzerland: dj and live performer, producer, and sound designer, she has been developing for more than ten years a rich and polymorphous universe moving with finesse between dance-floor, conceptual productions and contemporary art.

For the last three years, Hatari spend a lot of time in her studio defining her style and producing a large number of tracks. Out of more than 200 tracks produced during this time, her album titled Hatari LP and released by Swiss label 33 sound system presents a dense and coherent selection of 10 masterpieces that can show her deep connection with various genres and frequencies.

“It’s my first album, first long play, where I selected 10 tracks within 244 productions I made between 2019 and 2022. This selection doesn’t show everything that I do, but it tells the story of something that is deep in my heart. I have loved these sounds since I was a kid but back then I didn’t know how to cook them. Now I am able to make the music I want, the music I hear in my head. This album is about resilience, it’s about going to the studio, feeling horrible, and coming out cured, and full of light. It’s about real life. It’s about going to places you wouldn’t go.”


Get your copy of Hatari LP at Bandcamp and get ready for the release party scheduled for this month on the 25th.

Recently we had the pleasure to publish episode 351 of our weekly series feeder sound which contains all the tracks produced and mixed by Hatari. This preview is slowly heading into a lightweight rhythm layered with emotions while creating space for deep and introspective soundscapes. Enjoy!

Also, you can find another distinctive track produced by Harari on the Peace in Ukraine VA – vol. III

Artists: Hatari
Title: Hatari LP
Label: 33 sound system
Cat. number:
Release date: 17.05.2022
Format: Digital
Produced, arranged and mixed: Hatari 
Mastered: Nahste Oner

Hatari on soundcloud | facebook | instagram | bandcamp | 33soundsystem.com/hatari
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