Det Gode Selskab – Slimy Gumball Flavors

Det Gode Selskab - Slimy Gumball Flavors

Oslo-based collective & label, Det Gode Selskab hit launch with another extensive release this autumn. Accompanying the release will be an exciting NFT campaign in collaboration with Berlin-based artist and illustrator German Bardo. 

You can check out the releases so far via their Bandcamp:

The compilation is presented by five characters, the “Slimey Gumballs”. Each of the gumballs will represent their own sector of the compilation, with one being released into the wild on a bi-weekly basis from 22nd October onwards. Each of the gumballs varying in colour, flavour and personality and a nod of acknowledgement towards the acid smiley of the past rave era.  

The full essential sampler will consist of 24 tracks over 4 parts. You can expect a host of Norwegian talent, DGS residents and artists that have inspired and influenced the label’s journey thus far. A few names pulled out of the hat are San Proper, Mike Shannon, Philipp Boss, Rub800, Alexander Skancke and Jay Tripwire, amongst DGS residents: Karl Fraunhofer, Tod Louie, Chris Solaris, Philip Hinz and A:G.

The 2021 sampler is set to be an exciting project for the Det Gode Selskab collective as they explore further creative avenues, expanding their ideas and opportunities in the coming years, showcasing underground sounds yet simultaneously embracing movements of modern-day society. 

Everything Det Gode Selskab here:

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