feeder sound exclusive premiere: Tod Louie – Øye (Mike Shannon Let’s Take It For A Walk Mix) [Det Gode Selskab]

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feeder sound exclusive premiere: Tod Louie – Øye (Mike Shannon Let’s Take It For A Walk Mix) [Det Gode Selskab]

Norwegian label Det Gode Selskab returns with its second pressing in the form of “The Eye EP” delivered by Terje Dybdahl aka Tod Louie, one of the driving forces behind the Oslo-based artist collective. The 12” is spiced with amazing remixes coming from co-founder Chris Solaris and Canadian artist Mike Shannon. With their first release titled “The Nose” signed by A:G, the imprint continues its intensive exploration of the senses through vibrant electronic dance music rhythms.

Since 2011 Det Gode Selskab has been a dedicated collective of DJs, producers, event organisers and promoters that spread the good vibes in the North and beyond. As one of the founders of the collective, Tod Louie showcased his skills in the booth and his ability to read the crowd at numerous parties and festivals. Stepping forward with his own productions was a natural step for him and more is coming in the future for sure, so stay sharp!

💥 Adjust the volume and let’s get groovy with the full-length “Let’s Take It For A Walk Mix”, Mike Shannon‘s re-work on the original “Øye”, exclusively on feeder sound:

The cut reveals a stripped-down version of the original take, with the focus falling on the percussive elements and the background textures. Infused with minimalistic arrangements and syncopated patterns, the journey becomes less acidic and more uplifting, delivering solid frequencies to the sound system.

Side A features the original track “Øye”,  a steady-paced tech-house composition with a lot of progressive and acid influences embedded into it. Dominated by a deep and bubbling bassline, sharp stabs at wispy keys and a rolling rhythm, the cut is channelled directly to the dancefloor. On Side B, Chris Solaris takes the energy of the sounds into the ether, where bright, evolving pads weave their way through lysergic movements and spacious atmospheres. The percussion is reshaped into a more demanding sequence, smoothly flowing across the surface of the track.

Trough Tod Louie’s original scorcher, Mike’s upbeat sizzler, and Solaris’ eerie daydream, The Eye EP gives us three different perspectives from the DJ booth and sets its sights clearly on this upcoming summer season.


Artist: Tod Louie, Mike Shannon
Title: B1. Øye (Let’s Take It For A Walk Mix) / The Eye EP
Label: Det Gode Selskab
Cat. number: DGS002
Release date: 01.08.2019
Format: Vinyl-only


Words by: AndreiB


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