Aninha presents her new EP, Blue Book, on D-Edge Records

Aninha - Blue Book, EP [D-Edge Records Black]

The new release comes out with one remix from Gabriel Evoke 

Aninha’s mastery in her performances gave the artist the title of “warm-ups queen”. And this crown could not be different, as few people understand the true art of warming up a dance floor as she does. But beyond that, Aninha is also one of the great references of the national Deep House, with her minimalist flavour, her refreshing and soft melodies and a unique talent for composing transcendental atmospheres.

It is synthesizing all her experience of over a decade between dance floors and studios, that Aninha is back in the phonographic market presenting her debut on D-Edge Records with the Blue Book EP.

The new work is the result of a period of intense interiorization and many questions, bringing a multidimensional reflection and a powerful energy impulse released by her, questioning the presence of our extraterrestrial creatures and the intelligence beyond Earth. With three original tracks, “Blue Book”, “Enoch” and “MJ-12”, Aninha makes us travel through her orbital chords and minimalist fragments, which confer a playful and, at the same time, spatial atmosphere.

By invitation, Gabriel Evoke delivers a remix of “Blue Book” that well preserves Aninha’s melodic lines, also adding his own – and frenetic – rhythm and textures to the track.

written by Ágatha Prado

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