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It’s time to warm up for the upcoming weekend so adjust the volume of your speakers and enjoy this Friday’s electronic music adventure powered by Fond of Rules!

From the melodic pads of deep house to the intricate rhythms of minimal techno, inspired by the perfectly overcast Lima afternoons and the sunny shores of Los Angeles, Fond of Rules brings us a unique sound, characterized by a strong attachment to perfect mixes and top-notch productions, so far published by Rockets Audio, Saint and Don’t Music, BP Recs, Drumma, Cervidae Records and Heisenberg.

Whether we are talking about their releases or this specially crafted mix, Rodrigo Lozano and Kike Mayor are constantly striving to create a refined atmosphere, wholly enveloping sounds and full-flavoured grooves. Their love and passion for electronic music unite this successful duo in this project as well as their deep knowledge of the international dancefloors and countless hours spent in the studio throughout time. This is evidenced here, in this selection… passion, creativity, art and avant-garde style are always attached to the rules. Let’s dive in!

“Although it has been frustrating to spend more than 14 months collecting music without being able to play it on the dancefloors, the passion for always digging for new tracks remained intact within us throughout that time. It’s very comforting to be able to share a small extract with you, which encompasses our vision of what we have always considered important in a DJ set. Our thing is to tell stories through music, always inspired by the most innovative side of classic house and the avant-garde of the deep minimal techno. This recording is the result of a meticulous selection of tracks collected during the last months and a relentless search for perfection in terms of mixing. What we love is the cleanliness and structure in a set and the harmonic transitions which lead to atmospheres and textures that can easily get you lost into the music. We really hope you enjoy it as much as we did recording it. Each set is a story and contains a lot of what we want to convey with music.”

Fond of Rules

feeder sound 319 mixed by Fond of Rules is perfectly described above and yes!… Feel free, feel the music, move with IT! From introspective cuts to straight driving rhythms, this selection has everything you need to start your weekend with, so let’s get groovy and enjoy with the volume up!

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Words by AndreiB

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