Open Call for Musicians at House of Culture’s Masterskaya

Open Call for Musicians at House of Culture’s Masterskaya

Music School to Host Comprehensive Educational Program for YoungMusicians, MasterCamp and is Open to Artists from EU and Ukraine

House of Culture Masterskaya, founded by the famous Ukrainian musician and producer Ivan Dorn, has recently announced the launch of a comprehensive educational program for young musicians, “MasterCamp“.

MasterCamp is an educational program that combines comprehensive fundamental knowledge from music industry leaders across Ukraine, Europe and the UK about the modern music market, copyright issues, branding, marketing tools, tours and finance with hands-on experience in music production and teamwork in the studios of the House of Culture, “Masterskaya”.

MasterCamp” is supported by the European Union and aims to develop and support young musicians from small towns and regions of Ukraine and other EU countries, which have few opportunities to gain relevant experience and knowledge in music production. The program consists of three stages: a qualifying round, online training in the basics of the music business and a practical, offline intensive music production course. The qualifying round runs from March 16 – April 6. In order to apply, you need to fill out a questionnaire, send demo recordings of your tracks and videos of live performances, as well as a cover letter. As a result, 60 participants will be selected who will have the opportunity to join the second stage – online training.

The online program consists of 7 modules covering key theoretical knowledge and the unique experience of industry experts. Masterskaya Director Grigory Fatyanov will acquaint participants with the basic principles of the music market and the stages of the music project. Music Publishing lawyer Oleksandr Selivanov will reveal the subtleties of copyright. Valentin Panyuta, Fedoriv Agency‘s brand leader, will teach how to create a brand strategy, and the head of the British company Jukebox PR Alex Juxes, who will talk about how young musicians can use marketing tools, social networks and PR.

Dartsia Tarkovska, co-founder of Music Export Ukraine, will talk about the peculiarities of the marketing strategy on the international music market. Natalia Padabed – head of the international booking agency MORE ZVUKOV AGENCY will give practical advice on finding an agent, organizing tours in Europe and participating in showcases.

The final lecture of the program will come from Chris Cook – founder and marketing director of the British company Complete Music Update, devoted to financial opportunities and types of profits in the modern music market. Based on the results of the online training, 20 participants will be selected who will have the opportunity to visit Kyiv and join the practical intensive in the studios of the House of Culture, “Masterskaya”. During the week, participants will work together on creating their own project, learning in practice the basics of recording and all the intricacies of music production. The tracks created by them will be included in a special collection, “MasterCamp”, on the Masterskaya label.


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