In conversation w/ WLAD [hedZup]

In conversation w/ WLAD [hedZup]

In conversation w/ WLAD [hedZup]

We recently had the chance to catch up with hedZup boss, WLAD, in line with his debut album “Call Lab“…

f: Hey WLAD, how are you? What’s good and bad in your world?

WLAD: Hey guys, thanks for having me. In fact, everything is fine at the moment. My album, a one-year project “Call Lab”, has just been released. I just signed with a great booking agency, and just recently, I found a great manager. So all that’s missing is the reopening of the clubs, and everything will be perfect.

f: How have you dealt with the pandemic, what’s it been like for you personally?

W: At the very beginning of the pandemic, I attacked this collaborative album project which took me a year to complete. At the same time, I made 1 EP and 2 remixes, the 5 years of my label HEDZUP release, some tracks for vinyl releases.

So I have to say that I have been very productive. Besides that, I manage the label, so I always have something done.

No room for negativity; I’m a positive boy!

f: Why now for a debut album? What was the catalyst for “Call Lab”?

W: I decided to make this album because I had time; making an album takes a long time. In addition, I have accumulated a lot of DJ and producer friends. It turned out that the situation gave us all time to work together. When everyone is touring, we have less time for this type of project.

f: Why decide to have so many collaborators on it?

W: So I want to clarify that I didn’t really decide on this at the start.

The project was being done little by little, and then after a few collabs came together, I realised this could be a cool idea for the LP.

f: What’s it like working with others? Do you switch up your sound or style?

W: To make it happen, I gave the artists free rein to change, delete, add, modify whatever they wanted in the project. When you are producing with someone else for the first time, I strongly recommend not to be stuck on this point; it is the only way to get the best out of everyone’s artistic side. It’s this recipe that keeps both of them happy.

f: Have you switched up your sound or style or tools for the record?

W: So yes, with each track, artist, I changed my way of doing things. For example, if the person I collaborate with loves to play the bass, then I send him drums and let him do that part. If, on the contrary, he prefers to have the drums and bass to be able to advance, well, I work this part there.

f: What was the aim of it? Did you have a plan for the sound from the start?

W: No plan, no goal, just fun inspiring the style and universe of the person I collaborate with.

f: What gear did you use – did any one bit of kit define the label?

W: I did everything on Ableton live 10 with my controllers like Push 2. I don’t use hardware, not because I don’t like machines, on the contrary, but because I had too many bad experiences with connections or others. There is nothing worse than being stopped in your workflow.

f: Was it different writing it without DJing and clubbing and those experiences?

W: For me, it’s easy.

I’m a former breakdance dancer of Mediterranean descent, so I have rhythm in my skin.

Plus, I have over 15 years of clubbing experience, so I don’t need to play or go out to have an idea in my head of what will work.

f: What else you got coming up?

W: I’m going to release on the vinyl part of my label HEDZUP with a great remix of Youandewan. I also have 2 remixes and 1 ep that will be released this summer on big labels, but I will keep it secret for now. 🙂

Thanks for having me!

WLAD’s “Call Lab” is out now on his label hedZup

Order it here –

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