Female power in the underground electronic music scene

female power 8 march 2021

Today we celebrate International Women’s Day with some real female power from the underground electronic music scene. You are invited to listen to 67 sets and tracks mixed and produced by international and local females, curated in the feeder sound playlist.

The music you‘ll discover spans across all colours and shades of the electronic music spectrum, from micro house, minimal to dub techno, ambient and experimental.

Let‘s wish a happy celebration to all inspiring DJs and producers who have gladly shared with you their musical journeys into luminous or moody soundscapes: Adina Paun, Admina, Alcalina, Alexandra, Annie Errez, Ava Avas, Bianca Măndoiu, Bonbon, Cr15tina, Dana, Dorothea, Eleni, Ema Remedi, Estroe, Fengda Carissa, Gladis, Giulia Paradiso, H.E.R, Ina, Julia Matuss, Julie Marghilano, Karina, Kathrine, Larisa Ailiese, Leni, Lilith, Lola Palmer, Lu Klein, Malinka, Miss I, Nadine, Nanc, Nastia, Oana Leca, Oana, Olga Korol, Platida, Poly, Ramona Yacef, Red Pig Flower, Rubi ツ, Salomé Calvino, Sunny Raeva, Tight Cherry, Trixie, V Ka, Vess & Vlad Ivva.

Open your mind and check the flow for a wonderful experience on many levels. 🔊

As we reach the 300 episodes of the feeder sound series, we want to encourage all female artists to get in touch because we’d like to hear your sets, edits and tracks. Enjoy a sunny and relaxing spring! ☀️

Words by Cristina Popa (random / nwt) & Andrei Racovițan (ubic)

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