Female power in local street art

Female power in local street art

Despite the challenging times we are living in, we can still experience (some) nice things, such as the International Women’s Day. We invite you to (re)discover the works of amazing female artists who painted throughout Romania, such as Alina Marinescu, Andreea Toma, Bea Hopes, Creaturi Drăguțe / my cute creatures, Frag.menta, Graffete (Irina Mocanu & Sandy Bălășoiu), iZZY iZVNE, Livi Po, Maria Bălan, Ocu, Pruty, Que Nais, Rose, Serebe.

On the Un-hidden Romania street art map map you can see more artworks from Ada Mușat, Aitch, Sorina Vazelina, Livia Fălcaru, whose murals you can see, among other places, at Lente, in Bucharest; Mihaela Neli Paval, Monica Ivan, Violeta Dalas, in collaboration with Grafo, Alexandra Floarea, Aivănesei Luiza, Monica Ivan (+ Vasile Gălușcă) and others, have painted murals in Iași, in the Inziderabilii (2019) and RegenerARTe Urbană (2020) projects by Artipic association; Alexandra Zidariu, Bogdana Pascal, Lavinia Crețu, Lucia Praporgescu, Lulu von Schec, Maria Borțoi, Paula Duță, Roxie Netea, who painted during the Sibiu Street Art Festival.

Alina Marinescu

“I would paint murals anytime, and if I had the opportunity to paint about Bucharest, I think it would be related to the city’s inhabitants, because I like people and they contribute a lot to the charm of the place.”

Interview with Alina Marinescu – Un-hidden Bucharest, April 2019

Andreea Toma

Fragmenta + Bea Hopes

Creaturi Drăguțe / my cute creatures

Some of my cute creatures’ stickers and, sometimes rather large, paste-ups are still up after long years

Graffete (Irina Mocanu & Sandy Bălășoiu)

“[…] in the physical public space, when you make an intervention you know for sure that a lot of criticism will come. It’s a personal exercise, and the more I do it, the more comfortable I feel about it, it’s liberating in a way, to use your voice in public.”

Interview with Irina Mocanu – Un-hidden Bucharest, Diploma, October 2019


“I am the happiest person in the world when I stay in front of my walls, covered with paint, tired, hungry, but satisfied.”

Interview with iZZY iZVNE – Un-hidden Bucharest, December 2018

Livi Po

“I don’t have a favourite spot in Bucharest. Unfortunately, it’s a pretty unpleasant city from my point of view. However, as I was saying, drawing ideas come to me all the time, it’s enough to walk for 15 minutes on foot. I mostly like the works that create a community, that clean or transform something in one way or another.”

Interview with Livi Po – Un-hidden Bucharest, February 2019

Maria Bălan

“I’ve been taking out in the streets a few characters from the “Anomalica” series, characters that refer to the aberrant tree grooming, the money chase or the excessive development of real estate projects to the detriment of green spaces.” 

Interview with Maria Bălan – Un-hidden Bucharest, February 2019


Pruty, Rose

Que Nais


“There will never be too much art. I don’t think there’s anyone in their right mind who complains about too much art. We are suffocated by copycat people and places, we need as many accents as possible. We need glitches in the system we are in, colour, beauty and culture. Anywhere and anytime. The more, the better.”

Interview with Serebe [text in Romanian], September 2020

Explore the Un-hidden street art in Romania book or the Un-hidden Romania section to discover more remarkable street artworks by inspiring artists.

Words by Cristina Popa (random / nwt) & Andrei racovițan (ubic)

Photos by feeder.ro and the authors

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