Neuter Records: new Minimal Brazilian label with a lot of potential; take a look!

Neuter Records - World End I VA

Concern for details or detachment from exaggeration? Regardless of which priority Minimal’s producers/record companies support, the truth is that it is possible to do a lot with little. In Brazil, this movement of Minimal/Deep Tech is still not as strong as other aspects of electronic music, but there is a wave that grows and has been carrying most of the audience into this super captivating style.

Who decided to show all their love and bet on this movement were Guilherme Custodio (collaborating on the part of artistic references) and Matheus Cesar Bruch (curator, but who is also a DJ and producer through his alias Brüc). Together this creative duo gave life to Neuter Records, the label that debuted with the first release in December, VA World End I, with 7 original tracks signed 100% by Brazilian artists.

Nocnic, Bksrr, Jack Cheler (e.n. one of the feeder sound open call winners in 2019), Guimas, Artur Dutra, Brüc and Arthus (e.n. Brüc and Arthus took part in the 2020 feeder sound open call) delivered songs that perfectly match Neuter’s proposal, carrying details, minute fills and unique textures that take the concept of Romanian minimalism/Microhouse — one of the labels that they appreciate the most and get inspired is Tzinah.

If you liked the identity of the label, you can also send your demo to, the link must be private on Soundcloud and must have at least three tracks. To receive more news of the label, just follow the networks below: Instagram | Soundcloud | Bandcamp

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