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this week on neon b&w 2021

A new week, a new adventure in the unknown. Happily, you can find a selection of articles about underground electronic music and graffiti to guide you through the upcoming days.

We are pleased to announce the premieres of three new distinctive productions from Vlad Arapasu, Giacomo Pellegrino and Jack Cheler. In the EP review column, you will find Pauli – Solara EP (Incl Ion Ludwig rmx) released by Aissa Records, an extended VA from MYR. Friday, you can listen to a fantastic set recorded by Gladis in Venice.

In our online shop/gallery you can find new unique artworks and small series of unusual pieces from local artists such as Aeul, Erps, Maria Bălan, John Dot S and Pisica Pătrată. Scroll down the article to uncover more.

SUN 14/02/2021

premiere: Vlad Arapasu – Inserpia EP [Vivus Records]

It’s finally here. This is the 10th anniversary of the vinyl-only series on Vivus and what a better way to celebrate than with the magic touch of the Romanian wizard, Vlad Arapasu, who has cooked up some very special sounds for you.

Listen here

Roper – spotlight on Romanian graffiti writer

Roper is a Romanian graffiti writer. Since 2013 Roper is constantly painting and drawing developing his style. Using his 5 letters alias, block letters with slabs, probably inspired Platform, Marshmallow style, and western typefaces mixed with intense colours, Roper tries to engage the viewer minimally and uninterruptedly conversation.

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Hummingbird By BPZ Deliver Future Legend Remixes

A vinyl release of the highest order is forthcoming on Hummingbird By BPZ. After releasing on the label last year Future Legend now receives remixes from DoubtingThomasHummingbird regular, Georgios Papamanoglou and label boss, Benjamin Philippe Zulauf.

Listen here

MON 15/02/2021

premiere: Giacomo Pellegrino – Golfe De Santa Giulia // Dub Experience LP [Detroit Side]

We would like to start this week with a deep dub techno journey brought to you by skilled artist Giacomo Pellegrino, from Italy. A few weeks before the launching of the album titled Dub Experience, we have the pleasure to premiere the track Golfe De Santa Giulia.

Listen here

TUE 16/02/2021

premiere: Jack Cheler – Pomodor [Eli.sound]

Soon in the exclusive premiere column!

WED 17/02/2021

Pauli – Solara EP (Incl. Remix by Ion Ludwig[Aissa Records]

Soon in the EP review column!

THU 18/02/2021

VA (Goeran Meyer, Ivo Deutschmann, Manuel Rodriguez, Fell Reis, Oldrich Sic Jr., Juli Lee, Kaiser Waldon, Andy Kas, Nesker) – Collection #One [MYR]

Soon in the EP review column!

FRI 19/02/2021

feeder sound 295 mixed by Gladis

Friday in the feeder sound column!

Constantin Brancusi Self portrait in the studio

Constantin Brancuși (Brancusi)

19 February marks the birthday of one of the greatest modern sculptors, Constantin Brâncuși. On this occasion, you are invited to (re)discover the series of articles with Vhils, CT, Karim Rashid, Vlad Nancă, Minitremu, dedicated to Brancusi works.

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NEW products in the shop

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In the shop you will soon find a new colourway & fabric for the “Login” fanny pack. The new variation is made of blue fine lightweight corduroy, lined with black heavy velvet plush fabric, with a fullwidth inner pocket. Produced in collaboration with Save or Cancel.

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Street merchandise, a new canvas painted by AEUL

After invading the streets of Bucharest, the omnipresent creature made by Aeul overran the shop/gallery. Two of his artworks found their homes in the current month, and now a freshly painted canvas is available. Shop here

One of a kind artwork by graffiti legend ERPS

The artwork incorporates elements and themes specific to the artist, the recognizable apartment blocks, cranes, landmark buildings and familiar places, such as the North Station or the Basarab bridge. The dialogue / tension created between these concrete masses conveys feelings of anxiety and confusion, specific to a chaotic, suffocating and monumental city.

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Signed and numbered poster by graffiti artist ERPS

We have a limited quantity of 50 posters and only 30 are hand-signed and numbered by legendary graffiti artist ERPS. Hurry and grab your copy until they run out of stock.

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Words by Andrei Racovițan (ubic)

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