Roper – spotlight on Romanian graffiti writer

Roper x Roper 2020

For a few years, the team converges the local street art & graffiti scene, publishing a wide series of articles, interviews, and the Un-hidden Romania map & book.

Today the spotlight is on Roper, a Romanian graffiti writer. Since 2013 Roper is constantly painting and drawing developing his style. Using his 5 letters alias, and block letters with slabs, probably inspired Platform, Marshmallow style and western typefaces, mixed with strong colours, Roper tries to engage the viewer in a minimal and uninterrupted conversation. Only a few arrows and stars are placed over the letters, reminding us of the old school graffiti.

Although he is a skilled graffiti writer, it is hard to find his works. Mostly because he chooses inaccessible, remote or abandoned places, where he can spend time while painting. On the street art & graffiti map, you can find a selection of Roper‘s artworks in somewhat accessible places, that you can explore on your own.

“Usually, I prefer to stay more than 10-15 min when I make my paintings because I like them to be more elaborated and that‘s the reason why I choose to paint especially on freight trains.”


Last summer, our friends and partners from The Institute organised the annual Diploma festival, inviting the recent graduates from the National Universities of Arts to exhibit their diploma studies and artworks. We were surprised to discover that Roper has an academic background, as he was participating with his thesis, a work based on street art and graffiti.

Roper Sketchbook 2020

“Currently, I focus on making the letters as simple and volumetric as possible to some extent; I try to eliminate the details as much as possible, limiting myself only to basic elements such as arrows or stars, harmonized with colours as fresh as possible.”


Words by Cristina Popa (random / nwt) & Andrei racovițan (ubic)

Photos by Roper

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