The 10 most surprising ambient vinyl of 2020

The 10 most surprising ambient vinyl of 2020

This year has been generous for the ambient fans: a few veterans dropped releases while some of the best new sounds came from lesser-known artists. Here’s the list of the 10 most surprising ambient releases on vinyl from 2020, selected by Goldensock.

1. Molero – Ficciones Del Tropico [Holuzam]

This terrifyingly soothing album by Venezuelan artist Molero is an unforgettable journey into exoticism. It’s a romantic mix of electronic, instrumental and natural sounds.

2. Less Bells – Mourning Jewelry [Kranky]

Julie Carpenter has introduced a whole new level of subtlety to devotional ambient with her release on Kranky this year. The majestic purity in this album is worth a new type of ritual.

3. Green-House – Six Songs for Invisible Gardens [Leaving Records]

2020 is the year of Olive Adizone’s debut with two releases. Six Songs for Invisible Gardens is a rewarding experience no matter how often you revisit it.

4. Fools – Fool’s Harp [Music from Memory]

Christopher Bear strikes a succinctly pleasurable balance between the strange and the familiar in this release. It’s his first solo experimentation.

5. Romeo Poirer – Hotel Nota [Twisted Soul Records]

It’s hard to imagine that there’s anyone out there who won’t find something charming in this release. Romeo Poirer takes the listener to the vacation we all wish we had this summer.

6. Suso Saiz & Suzanne Kraft – Between no Things [Music from Memory]

This collaboration was probably inevitable, but who would have thought how well these artists can work together. The result is a bittersweet harmony that will become a classic to span two eras of ambient music.

7. X.Y.R. – Pilgrimage [Not Not Fun]

Fans of Vladimir Karpov must have had high expectations from his new release. The Russian composer did not disappoint: he revealed a new textured take on his distinctive sound.

Venus Volcanism – Rizitko [Optimo Music]

8. Venus Volcanism – Rizitko [Optimo Music]

Optimo doesn’t bless us with ambient too often, but when they do, we know it’s a gem. Blissful work by Rena Rasouli.

9. Robin Saville – Build a Diorama [Morr Music]

A lush blend of nature and ambient sounds with a distinct note of what makes Robin Saville special. Tranquil electronica to drift away.

The Chi Factory – Travel in Peace [Astral Industries]

10. The Chi Factory – Travel in Peace [Astral Industries]

The good-bye record from Chi Factory after the loss of Johannes Derwoort last year. The record is based on Hanyo Van Osteroom’s performance in London in Winter of last year. 

Words by by Goldensock

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