“EXHIBITION 4: SOLLING II” showcases Rico Puestel’s vision of Techno

One town, three times of the day, a triarchy of Techno music, rolling into the deep – coming as green marbled vinyl with an exclusively designed festival wristband!
Rico Puestel rears a monument to his growing-up-town „Uslar“ with three different approaches on this second part of the home-loving „Solling“ series that dig deep into a downscaled and natural framework of sound (all recorded and produced right at that place).

The initiation ritual on A1 with Uslar at 6’23 in the morning starts off with an actual electric guitar theme, originally recorded back in 2003, that builds the foundation hub to one crisp and point-blank Techno-Electro ceremony. The clean minimalistic sound will showcase all the details of any structure within while one’s certainly getting caught by the overall force of melodic attraction like the sun working its path through the misty valleys.

At 13’35 noon, a rising rhythmical and progressive interpretation of the initial morning sounds makes an appearance on the flipside that doesn’t allow much time to leap right into the centre of the da(y)nce, immediately creating the guesswork where side AA is leading all along.

The evening hours at 21’55 then take a flying leap into the mystical peak of the whole process, taking the morning sounds from side A into some uneasy realms and sceneries, prevailed by an almost voodoo-like momentum and a dance into the depths of its surrounding woods that will coherently dignify 90’s loop Techno par excellence.

This fourth record on Exhibition is and feels right here and right now, paying tribute to the past and many different streams of Techno while cherishing a future that has yet to be written, celebrating the speciality of Techno music itself…



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