Aerobatik ‘Be Mad About EP’ Major Underground 


Aerobatik ‘Be Mad About EP’ Major Underground

Aerobatik ‘Be Mad About EP’ Major Underground
Italian trio Aerobatik reveal their debut release for the recently launched Major Underground label with a superb new triple track EP titled ‘Be Mad About’. ‘Be Yourself’ is a contemporary groover that draws from classic Chicago House and old school electro influences and comes teased with power synths and a catchy vocal hook. ‘HOT’, as the title suggests, carries a smoking underground vibe, drizzled with playful vocal stabs, a deep bass groove, sweeping synths, and uplifting key melodies.

Closing out this package with a nod to way back when is the title track ‘Be Mad About’, powered by a deep hypnotic retro house groove and soulful vocal stabs.

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