MLMC Feat. Molu ‘House Feelings’ (incl. DJ Vivona Remix) Major Underground

MLMC Feat. Molu
‘House Feelings’ (incl. DJ Vivona Remix)
Major Underground
It’s not very often we hear the happy sound of retro Italo House these days when it was once such a popular genre. Italy’s MLMC (aka Maurizio Clemente and Seven People) however are doing their bit to reignite the genre (minus the cheesy vocals), with a brilliant slice of piano house with a striking spoken word from Africa’s Molu. Loaded with an authentic Italo House vibe, ‘House Feelings’ is rich with feel-good piano and vocal hooks, wizardry key solo’s an old school synth stabs, underpinned by a warm bumping bass and a jackin’ groove. Flipping the script, Sicily’s DJ Vivona whips up some dance floor sparkle by way of a classy French touch style remix.
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