under the tree w/ Amorf, Sublee and Emi ∫ @ Supermarket

under the tree w/ Amorf, Sublee and Emi @ Supermarket

under the tree w/ Amorf, Sublee and Emi @ Supermarket

For our first event in 2020, we’ll bring three artists who have never been under the tree before!


Amorf (live)
The word is out! Three mysterious men are coming under the tree!

Sublee is one full-pack artist, being able to perform and spread blissful energy through his sets, reinforce the general production patterns and conquer the people; he has that sort of presence that instils immediate trust – or better yet, the promise of a good time. Soulful sounds that break house and techno boundaries, adding just a bit of a touch of minimal to make it just right.

This specific personal touch emphasizes his capability of always offering something you cannot expect from a normal DJ. Pouring his soul into production results into him threading the needle between different strands of the electronic music, an upbringing, yet rough-and-ready attribute.


Emi ∫
Underground is one of the first words that come in someone’s mind when speaking about Emi. This goes for both the music he plays or the music he makes. Or even him.

One of the guys behind Stablo’s bootleg series, Emi never made a fuss about it. And he continues to deliver track after track, original or edits, that has surely rocked your dance floor at least once.

His label, Contur, is one of the latest additions to our family with the first release already sold out and the second coming very soon, both containing some of Emi’s finest works.


Cumuli, Bvrton
Two friends with the same passion
Prepare yourself for an experimental Micro/Dub Experience in finest quality.


Without YOU there would be no US!
Come and discover what’s under the tree…


Enjoy one of the first recordings published on feeder sound mixed by Emi ∫ for episode number 18. A perfect way to start the day.

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