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Interview: Coriolis Sounds

For us versatility is key, and this is something France based imprint, Coriolis Sounds provide again and again with their own unique style. Passion is at the heart of their story, recently releasing I am a Vowel’s ‘io’ EP, mysterious cuts from the discerning producer nodding towards a perlon kind of tip. Also spending a lot of time crafting her live set sounds.
This is what went down when we chatted to the slacker house music crew, Coriolis Sounds…

Hi Coriolis, thanks for chatting to us today. 

How long has your label been running and how did it all start? 

The band Cats Hats Gowns started the label Coriolis Sounds in 2009. We are a non profit association. Coriolis Sounds is an artist kind of label, working closely with a bunch of friends collaborating on several sonic projects. Mostly electronic, but also electric, styles go from southern krautrock to ambiant & experimental adventures to slacker house music. We took that name Coriolis from a french scientist who is best known for his work on the supplementary forces that are detected in a rotating frame of reference, leading to the Coriolis effect.

Your last release with I am a Vowel had a very particular and interesting sound, is this something you aim to maintain with the label?

I don’t really understand what means particular, nor interesting. I am also a visual artist, and I tend to be afraid of being “interesting”. Most of the time “interesting” means boring 🙂
We’re a bunch of friends, we do lots collaborations, events and jam session. We play what we wanna hear. Or at least try to..

How did the release with I am a Vowel happen? 

Nelly Vowel is long time friend. We did a 1st album with her & Cats Hats Gowns “Could I be a bee?“, some kind of dada pop music. Then I am a huge fan of her solo music, and I was in Dubaï shooting a new movie (Platform14) and she started to send me tons of recordings, and that Dubaï trip was a nightmare, I mean Dubaï is not really the coolest place in the world. So listening to her music over there was like a big shot of pure free energy. Free yes thats the word that comes to mind 1st. Nelly music is very free. You never know whats going to happen. She neither 🙂  Thats what is good with her music. And those who have witnessed her live know what I’m talking about. She has the ability to quickly put yr legs & brains in a higher state of mind. Time disappears, only atoms & space.

What advice would you give for people starting a label?  

Love music, do little things, small editions, don’t waste energy with other things. Do events. But then I don’t really feel like giving advices. I mean I used to teach photography, i know about that, but record label business, i don’t. I only know about art direction. And for that I just follow my ears & soul/love. There is no other way. Unless you really want to make money with music. Thats another thing… Or maybe I’m wrong.

You are also organising parties? You recently had the party in the unique villa setting in Montpellier how important is it to you to use locations like this? Combined with a nice line up of artists? 

Coriolis Sounds is deeply involved in creating special events. Le Son du Salagou with Staubgold‘s Markus Detmer, CassiopeiaLa Belle AirEsope Reste ici et se Repose, Le Soleil se lève et se couche sans obstacle, Paris nuit blanche.. We love the in-between, in between dance floor & art space, in between dance and listening experience, in between jumping or sleeping. The experience of the live situation, both for musicians and listeners/dancers is the most important. Records are cool to listen, more or less alone at home, also cool to talk and socialize, but then events are the exact opposite, events are about feeling something special together, but in the end also alone, cause you know, when the music is so good and the sound system is cool you just wanna dance or sleep and shut the fuck up. 🙂

What do you have coming up on Coriolis? 

We have just organised a 2 days festival “La Belle Air” in Montpellier, it was great time. There is a new double album by Cats Hats Gowns “Perpetual Sunset”, freshly mastered by Giuseppe Ielasi and coming out soon. Cats Hats Gowns will play in October with Danny & Bear (Supreme Dicks/Three::Four rec.). James Taylor will do a special Swayzak live set soon for our “Aller vers son penchant” parties with a newcommer Paul Allard. 16:9 will play @ centre pompidou Paris for Prix Marcel Duchamp. We are also planning to release Madame Rêve, a new project by Karen Vogt & Milena Skriabine.

If you could pick one track to represent Coriolis as a label what would it be?  

it has to be a CATS track for “history”. So lets choose “Good Losers”

But then I would like also to mention Leyka, a yound talented artist we are inviting at our parties since a while and planning to release a compilation of her early works

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