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Moraze - 5 Items Of Studio Gear

Moraze – 5 Items Of Studio Gear

Growing up in Paris, absorbing what the amazing city had to offer here we have an artist that continues to blossom, carving his path with his curious and emotion felt techno productions. A spectrum of sounds from dark and mysterious to melodic and uplifting. Pushing boundaries.

A great time for a rising talent that draws influence from the likes of David Mayer, &Me and Mobilee Records. Ahead of his next release on Instance Records ‘Zephyr’, we get an insight to French artist Moraze’s – Top 5 Studio Gear….

Roland Tr8

It’s back to basics with this Drum Machine. No matter what era or sonic palette, a Tr sound always comes across fresh. In the studio or during live acts, this gem is rhythm’s best friend.


Moog Mother 32

I am totally in love with this synth; it’s difficult to give up when you start working with it. Every button gives you a crazy sensation of deep and strong variation. Moog’s quality is something we can pretty much take for granted by now.

I use it for my leads and that always makes a difference.


Dave Smith Prophet 6

That kind of ‘all in one’ gear that gives you every texture possible. Dave Smith created a must-have with this one – all producers should get this machine in their studio setup. Bass lines, keys, strings: everything sounds so amazing and warm!


Arturia Beatstep Pro

This live sequencer changed many producers’ lives. It’s really instinctive and easy to parameter, and you can manage the various drums and different melodic lines simultaneously. With the step melodic sequencer, this box inspired a new way to produce.


Delay Strymon El Capistan

Without doubt an amazing piece of delay hardware! Many people use it in a live setup but as an insert for studio production, and it delivers amazing space in your mix.  You can use it in many different modes and enjoy a fantastic echo tape delay.

Moraze Bio, and Soundcloud, ‘Zephyr’ coming soon on Instance Records.
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