1 year of Drums: Petre Inspirescu, Lumieux, Sepp & More

1 year of Drums: Petre Inspirescu, Lumieux, Sepp & More

1 year of Drums: Petre Inspirescu, Lumieux, Sepp & More

Lineup thus far:
(Final lineup on the way)

Petre Inspirescu [arpiar]

Lumieux [cuplet]

Sepp [uvar]

Its hard to think its only been a year. Such a thrilling rocky road.

And at the same time its hard to believe a year has already gone by…

We’ve gone around the world and have come back to celebrate amongst new as well as familiar faces.

Our anniversary had to be special.
And what can be better than being in the midst of a wine-yard, one of Romania’s youngest & most upcoming, on the shores of the Danube river, on a hill overlooking the highway which takes so many happy party goers to the seaside every year. In the mist of wilderness and hills-plastered natural beauty we will unwind on a terrace with the most breathtaking views.

We had to come with something off the beaten track and boy, is this something! We will try to explain it in words and pictures, but nothing will match the real deal experience.

The setup? Half outdoor / half indoor; on the terrace of the wine-yard with the Danube river on your side. No, there is no tent – we love tents when they’re necessary for comfort; its probably something many people have to understand – here its not. And we are happy to blend in with the decor. A boutique, local products food area will be available. And a special injection of homegrown wine variety will be available for a full immersion into the wine-yard itself. Parking will be available, the earlier u come the closer u are to accessing the venue; the later u come, the further away u will be from the location – once u enter the Constanta county, you just need to get off the highway and you reach your destination within 10minutes – follow the signages or use Waze, its pretty straightforward. It takes about 1h 30min to travel from Bucharest – post event you can decide to go back, access is easy; or take an accommodation in Cernavoda which is across the highway from the wine-yard within another 15min reach by car. Alternatively, Constanta is another hour away from the venue – so a lot of accommodation options are available. Our partner accomodations in this event are:

–> hotel-cernavoda.ro/
–> http://www.alcoclima.ro/

Timings? We want to catch some sunshine early Saturday afternoon & go on till energy takes us next day in the morning / lunchtime. Short and sweet, demanding dancing all around. Lineup will be announced shortly. We can tell you its a mix of up and coming, foreign and homegrown consecrated figureheads. Yes, some arpiar had to be present. More will be announced soon – pls don’t rush us with our announcements, we know when its the right time for everything to come out.

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