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Nexam @ Grainy 159

Nexam @ Grainy 159

Grainy sound 159 mixed by Nexam

“The grainy alias crafts a dreamy rip, full of loopy grooves and broken beats. The creator makes perfect use of both deep tracks and melodic, floaty sounds to deliver this mesmerising journey. Lock in and enjoy the adventure.”

Nexam, on his real name Cristi Apetrei, is a passionate music selector, who is currently based in London.

His style balances the minimal sound aesthetic with deep, dark, emotionally-charged music. He believes music opens new channels of consciousness for those who listen and uses it as a way to express himself. Through his music and sets, he employs the notion of ‘storytelling’, taking the listeners on a sonic journey that sometimes emerges hypnotically through loopy, hauntingly melodic productions and other times more vividly through rolling, break-beat sounds.

Born in Romania, but having spent the past decade in the UK, Nexam has absorbed the different nuances of his environments, resulting in a widely-cultured perspective that allows him to experiment and push into new realms of possibility.

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