Gazette 13

Gazette 13

Gazette 13

We arrived at chapter thirteen of our story; end of a phase leading to the beginning of another. Not a time for superstitions or sorrow, but a time for celebrating what we accomplished all these years!
It brings with it the beginning of a new era and marks the start of a transition.
Thank you all for growing with us!

Thursday 18.04.2019

Gazette / 11pm

Danaga [live]

Văzduh [live]

Marcus Aburelius [live]


Te Doare

Colectiva Gazette / 8pm
Anniversary Cocktail: Reco & Vila

Friday 19.04.2019

Gazette / 11pm


Dragoș Rusu (The Attic)



Colectiva Gazette / 6pm
CSS Anniversary Edition: Darai Lama / dannilov / Lurre

Saturday 20.04.2019

Gazette / 11pm

Lisière Collectif



Super User

Colectiva Gazette / 8pm
Gazetofon Anniversary Edition: lvnf & Lucu Chen

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