Creative Quarter Design Festival, the first major festival of the Creative Quarter, will be held between 18th and 26th of May

Creative Quarter Design Festival, the first major festival of the Creative Quarter, will be held between 18th and 26th of May

The Creative Quarter Association organizes the Creative Quarter Design Festival from 18th to 26th of May 2019, the first big festival of the quarter in the neighborhood of Cişmigiu Park, inspired by UniCredit Bank. In this context, the entities of the Creative Quarter propose over 60 special events, from exhibitions, workshops and talks to guided tours, live performances, parties, a treasure hunt, a movie night and even a market design that will draw the schedule and also the map of the first festival celebrating contemporary creative effervescence.

For the first time in Romania, during the festival, you will be able to visit the Made in Bucharest Creative Quarter and Mnemonics exhibitions.

The Made in Bucharest Creative Quarter represented Bucharest as the city invited to Madrid Design Festival this year. It proposes an imaginary ride on the streets of the Quarter and invites the visitor to find out the stories of designers, architects, artists and creatives who live or have their workshops in this space, but also how the most hip and innovative businesses and spaces in the city were born.

Mnemonics is a condensed scenography of the spaces between the Romanian city blocks, which discusses how these perimeters have evolved over the last decades of urban transformation. The exhibition brings together the carpet bar, cradles, childhood games, but also memories of old friendships and funny stories told in front of the block or in the staircase, all under the universal symbol of the key worn around the neck. Mnemonics was named by the foreign press as the “unofficial playground” of the 2018 edition of the Venice Biennial of Architecture and aims to bring as much joy to the local audience.

Except from these, there will be the Most Beautiful Books exhibition, hosted for the first time by the National Literary Museum, another one that will include the projects of the winners of the product design contest Ubikubi Young Designer Award and the first event signed by the Local Design Circle, an association dedicated to the promotion of graphic designers in Romania, alongside a poster exhibition by PosterJam, inspired by the Creative Quarter.

Creative Quarter Design Festival, the first major festival of the Creative Quarter, will be held between 18th and 26th of May

In addition, during the festival, creative studios, architecture offices or designer workshops such as Cumulus, De Ceramica (Madalina Teler), Foarfeca, Moogu, Studio Set, Studio Act, Studio æ and many others will open their doors in order to be visited by all those interested in discovering Bucharest’s creativity.

The schedule of the festival organized during the Romanian Design Week 2019 is complemented by a series of talks on design and architecture, covering a range of subjects from sustainable fashion to game design or thematic meetings such as meet the architect, guided tours that let you discover the hidden history of the Quarter and the first TypeThursdayBUC held in Romania, a global event that was born in New York and which is dedicated to typography designers and also workshops for children, which aim to develop design thinking tools, project signed by

The Creative Quarter Design Festival will host in the interior garden of the National Art University of Bucharest a parkour made by the Zerm Architecture Association from Roubaix, France, and decorated by the Romanian illustrator Saddo – Raul Oprea, as part of the Romania-France Season 2019 in collaboration with La Condition Publique. Once the module is installed, a parkour demonstration will be organized alongside the Traceurs.RO Association, the first and largest community of parkour practitioners in Romania.

The Creative Quarter Design Festival aims to demonstrate the energy and power of communities and also to prove the creative effervescence of this area, allowing the general public to discover the spaces and organizations that form and define the most creative cultural area in Bucharest.

Also, the festival is the first major initiative of the Creative Quarter Association that outlines the organization’s preoccupations – creative entrepreneurship, community and urban development, education, design, architecture, culture or tourism development, aiming to support the growth of the community coagulated through the project.

Full details of the program will be posted soon on

The Creative Quarter, a space delimited by the streets of Berzei – Calea Griviţei – Calea Victoriei – Bulevardul Regina Elisabeta, explores the energy and the entrepreneurial and urban development potential of the creative industries. It is a knot of the effervescence of creative communities overlapped with a space that already has the history and infrastructure needed to catalyze and accelerate the motors of the cultural and creative ecosystem. The initiative puts in motion the collaboration between creative industries of the local community and thus enhances the cultural identity of Bucharest.

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