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VOTE: What are your favourite EP / LP releases in 2018?

This year we had the chance to hear amazing vibes, delivered by both well-known artists and record labels on one side, as well as emerging talents and freshly established imprints on the other. We danced on these groovy rhythms at parties and festivals and created beautiful memories with a colourful sonic background. 🔊

12” or digital, catalogued or unknown, some releases really stand out, as they provide intriguing arrangements and new possibilities for the way house or techno music is produced nowadays. While some melodic compositions tend to stick in your head and play repeatedly for a while, others are just mysterious enough to keep you focused exclusively on the pumping patterns. The local scene pushed what we all call the “Rominimal movement” to even further boundaries, reaching more and more people and drawing new influences at the same time. Some new ways of presenting this type of music emerged and will develop for sure, smoothly blending experimental and cross-genre elements to the specific core sound. The international scene opened more doors for our culture to enter and showcase its potential. This created opportunities, which of course were taken by daring artists who are now ready to present their works to the world. Equally, renowned labels, producers and DJs (through their mixes), maintained a balance, while the South American, Russian and Asian movements are on the rise. Here at, we explore this vast dimension of sound with great care, and we engage in actively and steadily promoting the contemporary vibrations through our online platforms, one of which being soundcloud.

It is time to take a closer look at what 2018 had to offer when it comes to electronic dance music and VOTE for your favourites! We’re taking into consideration our publications from the EP Reviews section of our website,… and be sure, everyone’s there! If it’s not and we missed something, well… drop a comment and we’ll sure look into it! 🔍

Out of 459 releases published in 2018 on, 346 EPs and LPs are contributed by feeder users, which count 1948 kind souls and alternative brands at this moment. 113 EP / LP reviews are written by the team, usually curating distinct records from brand new labels and artist debuts, which are exclusively distributed by our friends and partners from

Choose up to 3 of your favourite EP / LP releases until 3rd of January 2019, 23:59 GMT+3

VOTE: What are your favourite EP / LP releases in 2018?

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Words by random & AndreiB


  1. EverydayParadise 1 week ago

    soundopamine – moment ep 12′ EPV001

    One carefully crafted floating tool to suspend the rat race, coming from the Bucharest based duo live act Soundopamine. Moment EP is subtly combining warm house grooves with joyful & hypnotic minimal beats. Let yourself be carried away with ease towards a sunny introspective of a soul mirror with a gentle emotion uplifter. Take a moment for your inner self!

  2. Steph 1 week ago


  3. Mongi 1 week ago

    Amorf – dimension EP (AMP016)

  4. pnkrtz 1 week ago

    KUSI007 Livio & Roby – Ta Katana

  5. Georgi A. 2 weeks ago

    Dragosh- Got you EP

  6. louied 2 weeks ago

    Sensek, Cosmjn – Linear Momentum EP

  7. Ayan Mohamed Abdirahman 2 weeks ago

    Vote Otaku Records! Bucurie – Everglow!

    Labortori OTK – Italian Dj’s! Romanian sound.

    Having only met these guys once on the day of our Live mix. On 22nd November for Be-U-Boo-Radio, the day before the event. Otaku_003 w/ Sublee, Thierry & Labortori OTK

    These guys are part of my favourite record label Otaku Records. I was approached by one of their team years ago when they first started. Boom, the introduction was made for the launch of Otaku London and Otaku Records when they done there first release with VID.

    OTK001 – VID
    OTK002 – Triptil
    OTK003 – Mihai Pol
    OTK004 – Dragosh
    OTK005 – Bucurie
    OTK006 – TBA

    Hands. Down!

  8. Andrea Zimbardo 2 weeks ago

    Bucurie everglow ep

  9. Elena van der Staay 2 weeks ago

    bucurie – everglow ep

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