Vincent Casanova – Saturation EP

Vincent Casanova - Saturation EP

Vincent Casanova – Saturation EP

We are proudly welcome Vincent Casanova on board with his awesome deep house release – “Saturation”. Simple thing records.


Vincent Casanova has been immersed in Electronic Music since 2000— though he began playing the drums and guitar long before he acquired a synthesizer. His first vinyl release arrived in 2004 on New York’s Sifted Recordings; since then, he’s worked hard in the studio to compile a sizeable discography that consists of four full-lengths and many more EPs, shared between labels including Tip Tap Records, Tzinah Records, and Archipel —the latter of which will also release his Esoterica album in 2017. He is also beginning to DJ in clubs across Europe, having refined his skills playing at smaller venues and after-parties in New York City, just a few hours from his birthplace of Connecticut. In addition to this, he has performed at Montreal’s Piknic Electronic and Berlin’s Love Parade.

Production, however, has remained his focus during much of this period, and it is only now that he feels ready to bring his studio sound into the club environment. Check out his more recent releases and it’s easy to spot the evolution of his groove-based sound into more abstract territories; indeed, it’s no coincidence that tracks like “365” and “Sway” were supported by some of the world’s leading selectors. While maintaining a warm and melodic feel, often with a strong bassline and dreamy elements, his productions range from house and techno to more breakbeat cuts with fragmented vocals and elements of pop. As a result, it’s hard to place Casanova in any single genre—though you can often identify one of his tracks when you hear it.

As a DJ, too, Casanova aims to meld various styles to construct different moods—and his exceptionally smooth 2016 XLR8R podcast is a perfect demonstration of his talents in blending woozy, meandering states with an irresistible groove. Many of his earlier bookings came either early or late in the night, allowing him the freedom to delve into the more experimental realms of his record collection; but he loves to play harder sounds when required.

More about Vincent Casanova here.

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