feeder sound 288 mixed by Spiri:tual (Only Own Productions)

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feeder sound 288 mixed by Spiritual 01
Our guests for this week’s podcast episode, the Romanian duo Spiri:tual, deliver an energetic and immersive ride through some of their works, juggling with minimal, microhouse, deep vibes and mysterious flavours.

Hayling from the ever-growing ro-minimal scene, the Spiri:tual project is brought forward by two emerging local producers who explore a special sound designed with rich baselines, fast kicks, punchy snares and deep, alluring atmospherics. True masters behind the decks as well, they create unique electronic spaces with a hybrid set consisting of live elements interlaced with carefully picked selections. Their story is about to get lost in the translation of music, being captured by energetic sounds.

Aside from the independent works published through Bandcamp, Spiri:tual also collaborated with Vincent Casanova‘s well-known imprint Stay Random Natasha, British venture Enfasi Records, Portuguese label Bosom Ltd and Romanian powerhouse Tzinah Records, among others. Future releases are announced to arrive soon yet we invite you to discover the tracks in advance as they are elegantly included in their recording for today’s podcast.

feeder sound 288 mixed by Spiri:tual features the duo’s own productions only, tracks that have been released, incoming goodies as well as unreleased works. The steady-paced rhythms reveal themselves with an organic flow, morphing one into another for almost 2h, time in which you will definitely start drifting into cosmic dimensions and inner spirals. For this recording, they used an Allen & Heath Xone 92 mixer, one Technics 1210 and a CDJ2000 Nexus.

01. Fleur de Lis (Unreleased)
02. Cosmic Space (upcoming vinyl on Bandet 009)
03. Soarelui (Unreleased)
04. Prima Misiune (upcoming vinyl on Bandet 009)
05. Fructe Finlandeze (vinyl Bosom Ltd 003)
06. Minte Murdarie (upcoming vinyl on Bandet 009)
07. S Room (Unreleased)
08. 001B (Unreleased)
09. Periculos (upcoming vinyl on Bandet 009)
10. Dopa Neu (Stay Random Natasha 001)
11. 001A (Unreleased)
12. Super Erou (upcoming vinyl on Bandet 009)
13. Cult Pagan (Tzinah)
14. Adanc Dub (vinyl Enfasi 001)
15. Atmosfera (vinyl Enfasi 001)
16. Emotii (upcoming vinyl on Bandet 009)
17. Numarul Unsprezece (Bandcamp)
18. Lumea Calculatoarelor (Unfelde)
19. Nivia (Unreleased)

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Spiri:tual on soundcloud | facebook
feeder sound on soundcloud | feeder.ro

Words by AndreiB

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