SumSou01 w. Sepp / Aleksan’dru

SumSou01 w. Sepp Aleksan'dru

SumSou01 w. Sepp / Aleksan’dru

We’re stoked to launch a new series of events – Summer Sounds by KatchApp. Or, in short, SumSou – [sʌm suː]. 

Everything will be stripped to the absolute minimum – perfect purity: no sponsors, no promotions, no compromises – 2 DJs, one night, the sound, the crowd and pure joy. One night of freedom.

Episode 1. Something really special. Leave your worries, restraints and restrictions behind.

╓ Sepp
╙ Aleksan’dru

Maestro Sepp, one of our favourites out there, specializing in deep, jazzy, hypnotic tunes will be joined by our own Aleksan’dru, the good vibes provider, for a sweet summer night with magical accents, by the side of the lake.

╘ access: 20ron all night long | no guestlist, no VIP | support your local artists

╘ more details to follow

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