First release for the German label Weview: “Spektrum eins EP”

First release for the German label Weview: "Spektrum eins EP"

Spektrum eins is the first release by the aspiring Stuttgart based label WEVIEW. Established in early 2016 as a dj and producer collective, WEVIEW has been evolving fast ever since. After throwing various wild partys around their hometown the next step was taking it to a whole new level and kick off WEVIEW as a recordlabel.
To get off to a good start, the label decided to create a compilation with tracks by all the founding artists titled “Spektrum eins EP”. The ep features four tracks by Mindsogone, Dominik Krammer, Hänsn and BLAK & CRÉER, ranging from smooth and uplifting house to raging and deep techno, showing the broad and versatile character and the wide influences within the Label.

ARTISTS: Mindsogone, Dominik Krammer, Hänsn, BLAK & CRÉER
TITLE: Spektrum eins EP
LABEL: Weview
CAT. #: VIE001
GENRE: House/Techno
FORMAT: Digital
RELEASE DATE: 16/04/18

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