Underbooz’s saga dedicated to the magic number 7 continues with “Seven Planets”

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Underbooz’s saga dedicated to the magic number 7 continues.

The second of the seven albums that the Barcelona duo will release this year is titled “Seven Planets” and is dedicated to the seven non-fixed objects in the classical astronomy visible to the naked eye, from the closest to Earth the furthest: the Moon, Mercury, Venus, the Sun, Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn.

The seven classical planets were very important for the ancients, astronomers, astrologists, alchemists, gave them many different meanings, and Underbooz translated them into seven techno tunes, each one with its own character.

We start with “Saturn”, the planet is associated with Lead and represents learning the hard way, career and longevity, the track is one of the most hard-hitting of the bounce, with a powerful kick and some industrial influences.

“Mercury” is associated with Quicksilver, and the Indian astrology associates it with the capacity of communication and analysis. The track dedicated to Mercury is a groovy one, with acid arpeggios.

Jupiter was considered “the great teacher” by the Indian astrologists, and alchemists associated it with the Tin. Underbooz created an energetic and fast song to pay homage to Jupiter, with strong synth stabs and irreverent fxs.

“Moon” was the planet of Silver, and was associated with the meanings of the brain, the mind, the queen and the mother. The duo crafted a lighter and lively track, with glassy percussions and a crisp synth loop.

The EP continues with “Sun”, with its cutting-edge sound, and is dedicated to our planet’s star, ruling over Gold for the alchemists, and associated to the father and the king, complementary and opposed to the Moon.

Mars was the god of war for the Romans and was associated with the energetic action of the Indians. The track “Mars” encloses these meanings with a strong groove and some dreaming cinematic soundscapes.

Our journey ends with “Venus”, is a track dedicated to the brightest planet in the sky, which took its name from the goddess of love, and represented fertility and reproduction. The track is built over a dark arpeggio, paired with tiny melodic percussions and an untiring groove.

Enjoy and stay tuned for the next episode of Underbooz’s saga!

ARTIST: Underbooz
TITLE: Seven Planets
LABEL: Booz Muz
CAT. #: BM4D
GENRE: Techno
FORMAT: Digital
RELEASE DATE: 23/03/2018

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