feeder.ro is celebrating 14 years of activity (2004 – 2018)

feeder.ro is celebrating 14 years of activity 2004 2008

feeder.ro is celebrating 14 years of activity (2004 – 2018)

This January feeder.ro is celebrating 14 years of non-stop, relentless online activity. Acting as a cultural guide and developing as an open platform for emerging and alternative artists and makers, the project grows with new friends and connections.

Huge thanks go to Cristian Vasile aka Igu, the founder of feeder.ro, who continues to be an inspiration through his personal projects, all the team involved over the years, the partners, supporters, friends, and most importantly, YOU, the reader!

Here you can see the first design of the site.

You can access all the 24.000 posts, and we recommend starting with the first page: https://feeder.ro/page/1119

It‘s nice talking with YOU every day, discovering this interesting world of art, music, design, film and the internet. We hope you enjoy this ride as much as we do. We’re one click away so keep in touch and talk soon. ❤️


Here is a recap of feeder’s categories and editorial projects:


feeder.ro is „the alternative nation’s news agency”, a website which, for the past 14 years, has been publishing news and articles on the urban scene, alternative events, contemporary art, music, architecture, design, contemporary dance & more. Now we are broadening our scope in order to expand the conversation that feeder has been maintaining with its readers and partners.

In its 14 years promoting quality events and news, feeder rounded up an online network of trendsetters and influencers, djs and promoters, along with visual artists and key figures in general who made their mark on and continue to advance Bucharest’s image, reaching more than 2.2 million visitors.


feeder insiderFEEDER INSIDER
feeder insider is a series of interviews published weekly on feeder.ro, starting March 2014

More than 100 interviews explore the universe surrounding music and visual arts while connecting the local to the international creative scene. In order to expand the dialogue between the Romanian public and the artists we love, we’re sparking off inspiring conversations around today’s artistic landscape with newcomers and veterans alike.

The printed edition, exhibited at Romanian Design Week 2016 and 2017, can be found throughout the country, in your local Cărturești library, in friendly venues, in Bucharest, such as Dizainăr, Simbio, J’ai Bistrot, Lente, Burger Van Bistro, Bloom Specialty Coffee, Gram Bistro, Bernschutz & Co Tea, Librairie Kyralina, in Timișoara, at Balamuc / loc de joacă ș-altele, in Târgu Mureș at J’ai Bistrot and at the sea-side in Vama Veche, at Plaja de Carte.

The project features a travelling pop-up exhibition, which was on display at Kube Musette, Lente and Palatul Universul. The new media and print editorial projects were co-founded through the open call by AFCN, in 2015, 2016 and 2017.


sound signatureFEEDER SOUND
feeder sound is a showcase of local and international talent alike comprised of DJ sets and fresh tunes meticulously curated in a sound collection which promotes mutual recognition and cultural exchange between musicians worldwide. More than 150+ podcasts are online, introducing a total of 45 h and 50 min of exciting, deep and immersive sounds.




Been there liked that is the column for the perpetually in-the-know… and the FOMO-afflicted. Follow the feeder crew on weekends, weeknights & the odd lunchtime escape to sample local hotspots and review occasions for good old merriment.




news iconNEWS
If you haven’t joined our bubbly newsletter yet, you can still check out who made the headlines in this regular update section.




feeder.ro calendarEVENTS CALENDAR
Avid planner or spontaneous explorer? Whatever your philosophy, this is where your thoughts of spending a quiet day at home come to die. Search by date or popular category to find the perfect event for savouring urban life.




ep signatureEP reviews
EP reviews are the vinyl lover’s heaven: exclusive previews, new releases, videos and track reviews are regularly lined up on feeder’s racks. Written with care and ♥️ by feeder team or independent contributors, with the wonderful support of our partners, deejay.de




feeder submit logo blackSUBMIT
Organising or promoting an event? Submit it to feeder’s calendar – it’s both free and easy, conditioned by the editors’ approval.




feeder contribute logo blackCONTRIBUTE
Have you seen to a remarkable alternative news, ahead of time? Contribute with your news, articles and review and if it’s valid, you’ll see them on feeder.ro




lists feeder.roLISTS
Mixing frolic with function, these are the lists you’ll be eager to start ticking off. Discover fresh selections of contemporary art galleries, coffee places, bistros, summer gardens or pools in Bucharest, and throughout Romania.




poll feeder.roPOLLS
Your clickable democracy. Make sentence!




tops feeder.roTOPS
The biggest, the highest, the greatest, the longest, the nicest, the happiest, the most, the best – the ones you simply have to know about.




Express your artistic side and join the OPEN CALLS produced by feeder.ro together with lovely partners and win cool prizes and excellent exposure.




feeder advertise logo blackADVERTISE
feeder, a website where you can become familiar with upcoming events, news, music and more, all local […]” – Bart van Poll (2014) Huffington Post

feeder.ro represents the coolness-factor of the Romanian blogosphere. It’s updated several times a day, has lots of images, links, a little text and it rapidly became the best guide for the Bucharest Urban Jungle.” – Ioana Calen (2007) Cotidianul

Contact us for personalized advertising options.


ubic icon-01UBIC
Ubic is one of the feeder’s veteran visitors and constant supporters. This fan-turned-contributor & our very own resident DJ gladly shares his latest mixes, charts, upcoming events and thought-provoking articles on electronic music, architecture and design.




random icon-01RANDOM
The fittingly irregular series by Cristina, the editor. Experiments included.




Golden Ticket Boy icon-01GOLDEN TICKET
Concerts, parties, festivals, movie screenings, art performances – Golden Ticket contest is a fun way to win a free pass for your next unforgettable weekend. May luck and random.org be with you!




feeder.ro shop welcomeSHOP
The long-awaited moment is finally here, feeder.ro launches the online shop! Starting this year in the feeder online shop you’ll find “all the bear necessities“: art toys, t-shirts, bags, stickers, magazines and the alternative tourist’s guide.

The products are the result of current projects and campaigns: feeder.ro, Capitol / Cinema & Summer Theater and Un-hidden Bucharest, made in collaboration with some of the most remarkable contemporary artists.

Dare to add the products you like to the basket!



Un-hidden BucharestUN-HIDDEN BUCHAREST
Un-hidden Bucharest – 3 new art interventions and a guided art journey into public space. Un-hidden Bucharest is an urban regeneration project conceived as a series of 3 urban signals / artistic interventions in the public space, co-created with the community, aiming at humanizing Bucharest and promoting its understanding and exploration through art.


Situated downtown Bucharest, the ensemble of historical monuments CAPITOL Cinema (LMI B-II-m-B-18683) and CAPITOL Summer Theatre (LMI B-II-m-B-19202) occupies the plot of land between 36 Elisabeta Bd. and 13 C-tin Mille St.

In 2017-2018, Save or Cancel proposes a cultural heritage awareness and sensitization campaign, with an application on Capitol Cinema / Theatre Summer, revealing the economic, social and educational potential of all abandoned cultural spaces in Romania, and the involvement of artists and the local community in trans-sectorial, multi-disciplinary, collaborative projects.

4 conferences, 3 art installations, 4 exhibitions and 3 open calls for ideas will reactivate the collective memory, reintegrate the monuments in the public circuit through democratic reinterpretations of the cultural space, explore the links between art, nature and the city.
Find out how you can participate, here.


Dear readers, thank you for bearing us!🐻 Please let us know what are your favourites columns and why

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