Rhinoceritis w/Adriana Florea Baloiu @ Fantom Gallery Berlin

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Fantom Gallery Berlin and Go Contemporary Bucharest are delighted to present Rhinoceritis, a solo show (digital painting and installation) of Adriana Florea Baloiu. The exhibition is on display from December 9th through December 21st 2017. An opening reception will be held from 6 pm to 10 pm, on Saturday, December 9th at Galerie Fantom, Hektorstraße 9-10, 10711 Berlin.

From a deepest fear of rules, exterior and inner boundaries comes a journey filled with questions, hesitations and endless wonder towards the absurd human acceptance of things as they are, defying logic, reason, kindness or common sense so often that it becomes the norm. There are rules over rules, rules of and for rules, many times blocking resolution, evolution, progress or even existence. Rules that tell you how to be, what to want, rules that break us or make us, rules we love, rules we hate, rules we blindly conform to, forgetting to question why. 

The act of playing built on the principles of joy and pleasure seems to be the answer for a search for freedom and for finding a cure or at least building a mild opposition against mindless conformity. In line with her previous projects Adinuta and the stuffed bear (2016) and Jam in shoes (2017), Adriana continues to use in Rhinoceritis childlike imagery and absurdist fiction blending in together as part of a mechanism that draws a map to childhood as a satire and critique of human established expectations. The ludic gets a free pass in shaping the fantasy the same way a child does it, in a simple, spontaneous and unpretentious manner.

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