Electronic Seikilos Social Action


A compilation for the purchase of electronic music equipment for schools & non-profit organizations in Greece.

After many months of preparation, the social act “Electronic Seikilos” of UrbanStyleMag has taken shape and form. 12 well-known Greek artists of the electronic music scene are making their mark. The VA is a contemporary “Ark” for the electronic sound of today, released by USM Recordings.

All the earnings of this release will be allocated for the purchase of electronic music equipment, which will be gifted to music schools and foundations all over Greece, in an attempt to bring the younger generation in touch with the digital sound and improvisation. The complete process will be performed under full transparency, with the supervision and participation of the artists themselves.

Participating Artists:
Mikael Delta, And.ID, Mr. Statik, Thodoris Triantafillou, Kreon, Kindimmer, Nick Devon, GummiHz, Alex Dimou, Echonomist, Lee Burton, Stathis Lazarides.

Heineken, Dynaudio, AIAIAI

More info here.

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