feeder insider w/ Miss Kittin [en]

feeder insider Miss Kittin

feeder insider w/ Miss Kittin [en]

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Miss Kittin is Caroline Hervé, originally from Grenoble, France, one of the most appreciated electronic music DJs. Her powerful selections and recognizable voice create exceptional dance-floor moments. Multi-talented Caroline is expressing herself through her selections and productions, singing, painting and writing. She is now working on her 4th album, to be released on Nobody’s Bizzniss, the label she runs since 2004.
We are delighted to introduce this conversation with graceful Miss Kittin, ahead of her Mysteryland Festival performance.

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feeder insider miss kittin

A place I always come back to… the woods around my house
I would like to learn… patience
A bad habit… smoking
The last book I read… Estelle Surbranche: Emmène moi au Paradis (Take me to heaven by Estelle Surbranche, a thriller written by one of my best friends)
I always forget to… write down appointments in my calendar and miss up the date
At home… I cook jam and watch old Columbo episodes
My favourite clothing item… a black legging because of so many travels…
A good joke I heard recently… French one, I can’t be translated
Never again will I… say never
Three songs I know by heart…
La Marseillaise (the French national anthem)
Dream a little dream of me by Ella Fitzgerald
Enjoy the silence by Depeche Mode

feeder insider miss kittin

feeder.ro: Hello, Miss Kittin, we are very happy to talk to you. Recently, you played at Milkshake festival, an open-minded event praising diversity and equal rights. As music and art have always been masts of social change, how did you connect with the audience and what are some exciting ideas you exchanged during your two performances at this edition of the festival?
Miss Kittin: Well, I can only feel humble at such a festival, as I am only a white heterosexual person. But as a woman and artist, we definitely had a few fights in common or pré-judgements. My role is to celebrate the freedom to be who you want to be, for people who for many of them, didn’t have the same lucky path. So it is for sure, what I have in mind when I perform there, which is more powerful than a regular club gig. You feel useful, you go home proud of yourself and proud of them.

feeder.ro: Mysteryland celebrates its 24th edition of musical journeys, and you are playing Sunday, on the stage hosted by Dave Clarke. What emotions and ideas you plan to rouse in the crowds?
Miss Kittin: I owe Dave Clarke a lot, he invited me many times on his stage in different events. I can only say next to him, the vibe is definitely techno, a selection I could not do in Ibiza for example. I will adapt to the crowd, and see what I can build up.

I don’t like to plan in advance, it’s our job to feel the vibe in the moment, every scenery is different.

feeder insider miss kittinfeeder.ro: Your set at Boiler Room, London, draws remarkable parallels between today's music and the 80’s, a stirring moment for electronic music but also for social movements. What does that period in time mean to you?
Miss Kittin: Freedom. I always tell the story but when I went to my first rave, it blew my mind. A music I never heard before, a way to live music I never experienced before.

I went back home, saw all the people in the street going to work and I knew I would have to work very very hard to write my own path, because I could never fit in a regular life.

I was very aware of it. Strangely rave parties made me grow, as an adult.


feeder.ro: You studied ballet and piano, would you say these endeavours influenced the way you experience and produce electronic music?
Miss Kittin: Not very much. I only studied piano for 2 years so it doesn’t count. But I learnt to canalize my energy, focusing on details, having a discipline.

Any art form requires discipline, otherwise, you only create chaos.

feeder insider miss kittinfeeder.ro: What are some deciding factors when searching for new music? How have they changed, since your early days of travelling to Mental Groove, Geneva, to buy records?
Miss Kittin: I barely go to record stores anymore. I know it’s a shame but I still buy vinyl, mostly collectable items, or jazz etc…
I mostly buy music that I need, when I need it. DJing became a serious work, where I am having fun of course, but I really can’t listen to electronic music 24/7. Once a month, I plan one afternoon to search for music. I also change my selection before every single gig, working in my hotel room or on the plane.
But that’s it. Music is not at the center of my life since a long time, and my life is much richer of other things.

feeder insider miss kittinfeeder.ro: Kittin Collection, released on Nobody’s Bizzness, your own label, is an enlightening experience, presenting a rousing selection of sounds and incorporating your awesome drawing skills. What new projects do you work on currently?
Miss Kittin: A new album. Nothing for the clubs.

feeder.ro: You collaborated with German brand Elternhaus for a handmade clothing series, titled Beats, which features your drawings and celebrates the heart, BPM and life. Are there any other mediums through which you enjoy expressing yourself?
Miss Kittin: Painting, writing, walking in the woods, cooking sometimes.

feeder insider miss kittinfeeder.ro: After playing with a vast number of talented music DJs and artists, what are your views on collaborations within the realm of electronic culture?
Miss Kittin: I don’t know. I don’t really care. I see it’s trendy to do back to backs or DJ duets. I don’t really care.


feeder.ro: You are an avid music collector since your early youth. Where else do you find inspiration?
Miss Kittin: Everywhere.

feeder insider miss kittinfeeder.ro: Feeder is keeping active in the Romanian alternative scene for 13 years now. We know you’ve visited Romania quite a few times, most recently being at the Mission. What did you like in particular and what would you like to see different?
Miss Kittin: I don’t judge. I love the intense positive energy in Roumania. I find that in many countries with a heavy past. I admire that a lot, as we, French, complain so much! I wish we had that optimism and enthusiasm. Nothing I would change.


Miss Kittin will perform at Mysteryland taking place in the Netherlands on the 25-28 August. Tickets available from: http://www.mysteryland.nl/.

This is feeder.ro’s second exclusive interview with Miss Kittin, here you can hear the first.


Words by Cristina Popa, Oana Maria Filip

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