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Egal 3- Holdon EP

No Time For Love is a daring new project established between Barcelona and Bologna. It bridges two Latin decent countries with a drive to enhance the musical freedom of known and unknown artists. They aim to bring a little bit extra to the already existing modern dance scene. In essence No Time For Love is a vinyl only output where Latin blood artists share their musical tales on a cultural statement.

For their third scheduled release they bring on Egal 3 aka VID as a heavy vinyl user. The three tracker entitled Holdon is a masterful layer of pleasing yet driving sounds. They entire EP is centered around an open and dreamy state of mind fused by a broken minimal and house upbeat.

The opening track, “Holdon, sets the stage with a techy upbeat tempo leaving no room for interpretation with regards to VID’s mastery. The glitch of an old vinyl in the background and the imperfect sequences sample give the track a dance floor bearing. The A side is complemented by “2 Dimineata”. The track takes a misty trajectory with an overemphasis on drums and saturated glimpse of airy strings, making the track a perfect counterpart for a complete and different A side.

On flip side, things get a little bit frisky. “Oneway” is blend of both A side tracks. An imaginative track that seems more like a math problem employed to a musical stave. Your feet are intended to move but your brain is not sure when the right of the right time to do so. There’s no right or wrong way of approaching this piece of creation but rather, it is how you experience it.

Grab your Holdon copy at deejay.de

Artist: Egal 3
Title: Holdon
Label: No Time For Love
Cat. number: NTFL003
Release date: 18.07.2017
Format: Vinyl–only
Words by: Vlad Hatze


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  1. […] he also performed at several events in Romania, Switzerland and the United Kingdom. Under his Egal 3 alias, he recently published “Colectie De Amintiri” with the Australian label […]

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