This week on feeder #16

this week on feeder

Hello everybody! We have a new week ahead so, let’s make it fun 🙂

Two EP reviews, a mix, places to eat and a list and history of theaters throughout Bucharest are just some of the things that we will show you to make your week better. Scroll down and enjoy!


Street Delivery 2017 Grădini Posibile

Ziua de sâmbătă pe scurt @ Street Delivery București cu Pisica Patrata // 3 Smoked Olives // Livia Fălcaru & Reg // Labirint Concept Store // Cinema / Teatrul de vara Capitol // Ion Bîrlădeanu & many others.

Street Delivery. If you’re from Bucharest, you’ve been there too.

One fun thing that feeder did was visit Street Delivery. We made a resume video of the experience, check it out.

somes capitol cinema area

Someș Delivery

For two days (17-18 July) there will be a series of concerts, events and interventions at the the Someș bank. Save or Cancel will be present there with a project called Gradina Cinema Capitol where there will be discussions and movie projections.

4 restaurante Lente Burger Van Gram Bistro TAQUERIAList: Four Special Places to order some food

If you’re hungry and you know it, order! Here are four places that deliver at home or at the office. #lente #burgervan #grambistro #taqueria

EP reviews: Mahony – Clear Cut Ep & Gorbani | Enzo Leep – Bellon’s Utopian Dreams

Listen to some snippets at and check out the feeder EP Reviews section.

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listă teatre

Theatres throughout Bucharest

An informative and complex article concerning the history and origins of theatrical performances in Bucharest alongside a visit (physical and historical) through each individual theatre. Some still functional, some forgotten.

feeder sound 130feeder sound 130 mixed by TBA

feeder sound has prepared a new exclusive mix. This time we will again let mystery do its thing until the release.



Enjoy your time and have a good week!

Words by Ioan-George Pancencu

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