Working Class Disco pres Nu Zau & Sepp @ Joshua Brooks, Manchester

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Working Class Disco pres Nu Zau & Sepp

Working Class Disco pres Nu Zau & Sepp
4 Martie, 23:00

This time we have two of our firm favorites from Romania all night long back to the intimate basement where it all started Joshua Brooks.

Both artists are two of the leading producers and dj’s that have come out of Romania in the past few years.

Sepp has been on the radar for quite a while now and recently things have taken flight for him, he’s grown and matured his sound both as a producer and a dancefloor conductor, continues to delight and surprise people all around the world with his flair and precision mixing.

Nu Zau productions have gained world wide recognition – Raresh, Rhadoo, Ricardo Villalobos, Petre Inspirescu, Fumiya Tanaka, Onur Ozer, Bill Patrick are only a few of the people that can be heard playing his tracks. dark, percussive, funky and quirky would be the best way to describe his sound.

Sound Void Acoustics + Visuals
Tickets avalible soon

4th March 11pm – 4am
106 Princess St, Manchester M1 6NG

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