Storyboard: Hubble, Seme, Pavlov @ Gazette

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Hubble, Seme, Pavlov @ Gazette

Storyboard: Hubble, Seme, Pavlov @ Gazette
27 Ianuarie, 23:00

Hello friends, we meet again for this year’s first edition of Story Board !

Our special guest is no other than Hubble: a Sardinian DJ, producer and remixer based in Berlin; also a true storyteller who will truly charm your ears. So be ready for a deep musical quest.

Hubble ( SLEEP IS COMMERCIAL / Archipel )

Seme ( Story Board / Colectiva Gazette )

Pavlov ( Story Board / Cocor House )

Fee: 15ron < 00:00 > 20ron

In order to keep a friendly environment we hold the rights to select our customers, only 18+ allowed!

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