Illustration Fair, Christmas Edition @ POINT

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Illustration Fair, Christmas Edition @ POINT

Illustration Fair, Christmas Edition @ POINT
20 Decembrie, 10:00

That’s it. Winter is not only coming, but it’s here already!

You’ve gone as far as you could. You’ve tried to get help. But it seems like, at this crucial moment, you’re just on your own confronting one big question:

What kind of Christmas gifts should I buy?

Your close friends and family now seem surprisingly more mysterious than they should be. You try to remember their hobbies and preferences, and at the same time, you remember that you’ve already got something like that for them last Christmas, or even the Christmas before and before. Mundane objects like ties and household utensils don’t cross your mind much, for they gently signify your lack of thoughtfulness.

What now?

Here is the thing: the gift should strengthen the bond between you and that person. No, not a tie. Have you thought about art? Embracing the intangible and meaningful moments is, after all, what art does best.


Each piece of art is a powerful and unique expression not only by the artists who made it, but also for the people who own it. The art you give shows how much you care and know about the person: their individuality, beliefs, feelings, hopes, convictions and philosophies. Through this mutual acknowledgement, the art nurtures the connection between the giver and the receiver, you and that person.

✏Come by December 20 at POINT to meet over 30 illustrators showing in News From Nowhere exhibition.
✏Explore the art we have to offer at Illustration Fair | Christmas Edition @ POINT: most of them are limited editions signed and numbered by the artists, so your gift is even extra unique and special
✏live drawing performances
✏goodie bags from Urban Monkey

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