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Faster - M.O.D. EP

Last updated on November 2nd, 2016 at 12:33 pm

We really liked the previous release on Ruere Records, a label that grows faster and faster by the day. But if that one was a solo effort by Faster, the label owner, on the third installment he has a very special guest – Rhadoo. It’s not that often that you see Rhadoo put his name on a remix so the fact that he is present here is a testament to Faster‘s producing abilities. Early support from Ricardo Villalobos, [a:rpia:r], Cezar, Barac and others.

Faster - M.O.D. EP

Some introspective and dreamy sounds greet us on the first track of the release, which is Faster’s original work of “M.O.D.”. A discrete bass line then appears to kick things off properly and combined with the atmospheric vibe that encapsulates the whole track, it gives you the chance to let your mind and body truly connect with the song.

Next up is Rhadoo‘s interpretation and it clearly has a different kind of energy to it. A complex and intriguing approach full of minimalistic tones and peculiar sounds, that seem to appear out of nowhere but blend in perfectly. Add to that a linear bass line that carries these vibes throughout the track, it is, without a doubt, a very distinct take on the original but it works wonderfully.


Release date: 29 November 2016
Label: Ruere Records
Catalog number: RUERE003
Presale at Decks.de.

Words by Vlad Dumitrescu

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