Various Artists – Limited001 [Music Is Art]




The vinyl-only Romanian label Music Is Art is ending the year with a VA compilation. 2014 was the year they were born and with three other releases under their belt, including ones from fresh talents such as Lizz or Little Hado, we can say they are on a roll.

The latest Music Is Art release, presented in a 2×12 format has an atmospheric feeling to it, giving you the sense that you can float away with the music and dance your troubles away. It goes without saying that all the tracks are really good and carefully orchestrated. Raha & K-Sobajima’s Nine months has a familiar deep sound as we heard many romanian DJs play it. The mysterious Singurul Fiu gives us a trip to remember with his track Nucul. The one that leaves you wanting for more, though, is Alamicu’s Chitibusuri. Perhaps we’ll hear more from Alamicu in the near future here on feeder, who knows..

You can listen to previews of the tracks here.



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