Various Artists – Kyodai Reworks (LTCD005 – 2015)

Various Artists - Kyodai Reworks (LTCD005 - 2015)

Local Talk – reworks by Kyodai.

Keywords: energy, synth, funk, skateboard, deep house


Kyodai means “brothers” in Japanese and that’s a good clue for guessing who`s behind these two heads, the producers based in Berlin. Feedbacks came from Lauren Garnier, Masters At Work, Jimpster, Gilles Peterson or Rainer Trueby. They are also part of Pokerflat Records.

Fox Tooth triggered it.

“I feel music need people like myself to keep real deep house alive, yet always breaking boundaries and turning corners, […] dirty beats with lush warming sounds give everyone something to get into […]”  feeder insider w/ Atjazz

Originally, Fox Tooth by Atjazz, felt more bouncy, jittery, duo Kyodai temper that shaping it uniformly and showering it with that tech beat.

I strongly recommend checking the other tunes!

Keep your spirit high!



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